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Popular Granite Countertop Styles 2018

Granite countertops are durable, strong, and can come in hundreds of colors! Granite countertops in 2018 have seen a myriad of colors to match contemporary trends. With 2018 in its latter half, we at Choice Granite & Marble want to show the most popular granite countertop colors we have seen this year.

While you may think of granite countertop colors as having a similar style, the truth is granite can come in hundreds of different colors ranging from the entire spectrum. Granite countertops colors can be versatile for any style of kitchen, which makes it a perfect natural stone for any year or trend.

In 2018, we have noticed these colors are popular for granite countertops:

White Granite Countertops

White granites are beautiful and varied. While some are entirely white, others can be speckled with other colors to create dynamic colors for your granite countertop. White granite countertops look great in smaller kitchens to open the room and make your kitchen appear bigger. Of the white granite variety, there are a few popular options for granite countertops in 2018.

River White Granite Countertops

River White granite countertops have a translucent white color with different veins of gray and blue. River White granite countertops derive their name from the very linear lines within the granite countertop, giving the slabs a very uniform look. River White granite countertops add a beautiful dynamic to contemporary kitchens and can work well with white cabinets or cherry for a complimentary look.

river white granite

White Spring Granite Countertops

White Spring granite countertops are classic and charming, used in many kitchens over the generations. As a staple, this granite countertop color can stay in trend in contemporary homes as well. With red undertones, White Spring granite countertops compliment cherry cabinets perfectly.

spring white

Galaxy Bordeaux Granite Countertops

Galaxy Bordeaux granite countertops are also known as Monte Carlo granite, is a granite that is white with gray and burgundy undertones. This beautifully polished granite countertop compliments a kitchen or bathroom and can blend with many design features and interior looks.



Black Granite Countertops

Black granite countertops remain popular through 2018 because of their sleek and simple style. Black granite can match many styles and designs of kitchens and bathrooms. Black granite countertops can look great with white cabinets to create a monochromatic look that is both clean and eye-catching.

Black granite countertops can be polished or honed, each offering a unique look in your home. Black granite can come in different tones and shades with varying veins and designs. Some of the most popular styles of black granite countertops are:

Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Absolute black granite countertops are as close to perfect black as a countertop can get, looking sleek and flawless. These countertops remain ideal because of their pure singular color that can match well with almost any design and style. Absolute black granite countertops are also sometimes called Jet Black, derived from the nearly perfect color. While there may be small grey flecks in the countertop, it is as close to pure black as possible for a granite countertop.

absolute black

Black Cosmic Granite Countertops

Black Cosmic granite countertops have a trendy, modern look. Sporting waves of black with veins of white and silver throughout, you may think you’re looking into the sky on a clear night when you see these countertops. Black Cosmic granite countertops are strong and durable and scratch resistant, as well as beautiful against both white and black cabinets

cosmic granite

Angola Black Granite Countertops

Angola black granite countertops are a blend of blacks and grays, creating an elegant dark gray look. Angola granite countertops pair well with cream, white, or dark browns for a modern style in your kitchen. This granite is also durable and strong with a consistent look so that your granite countertops can maintain a uniform look throughout. 

angola black

Both white and black granite countertops will be popular in 2018. Whether white or black, both can create a contemporary, stunning look for your kitchen, bathroom, and in some cases outdoors.

Granite countertops will remain popular because of their beautiful style and strong durability, as well as the versatility of color that allows them to fit in for any space.

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