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Marble Countertop Installation in Pittsburgh Homes


Marble is one of the world’s most beautiful, high-end stones. Its versatility is unmatched, and it’s available in hundreds of colors. However, there’s no denying that a growing trend of individuals and families are attracted to spectacular whites. Choice Granite & Marble offer a wide marble supply in Pittsburgh.

Marble is unique in the sense that its color and pattern variations are caused by impurities in the stone, such as iron or carbon getting caught in the marble. These “impurities” often appear as strips in the marble often providing an extremely stunning appearance when properly cut and polished.

While marble countertops certainly provide that extra artistic flair throughout your home or business, there is a level of maintenance that comes with ensuring your countertops remain as brilliant as they are on installation day. We also recommend a “honed” finish for marble. The polish surface, without proper care, can be vulnerable to household acids and etching.

Upon installation, our team of experts will provide your countertops with a professional seal and provide you with information on best practices for maintenance.

In addition to kitchen or bathroom countertops, many customers prefer to utilize marble for window sills and vanities.

Choice Granite & Marble fabricates our marble products onsite in the same high-quality professional process as our granite and quartz products. We invite you to learn more about our marble countertops, including Travertine, Onyx, Carrara, and Limestone.

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