Marble is one of the world’s most beautiful stones. It is available in hundreds of colors and, of course, spectacular whites.

What makes marble so unique is that the colors and pattern variations are caused by impurities in the marble such as iron or carbon getting caught in the marble. These “impurities” often appear as strips in the marble making them extremely stunning when cut and polished.

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Marble can be used for kitchen countertops, window sills and vanities.

At our Pittsburgh showroom, you can view the following types of marble and marble services:

It is recommended to use a “honed” finish for marble. The polish surface, without proper care, is vulnerable to household acids and etching.

When properly sealed and waxed, marble is a terrific choice for homeowners and businesses to show their artistic flair throughout their home or business.

Choice Granite and Marble fabricates our marble products in the same high quality professional process as our granite and quartz products.


At Choice Granite & Marble, we can help guide you through the process of selecting the marble choice that is right for you. We make the process easy and offer our customers only the best in quality and service.

The first step is to give us a call for a free quote or to stop by one of our Pittsburgh showrooms to browse our large selection of quality marble.

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