Soapstone is a metamorphic rock. Soapstone has a high Talc content which give it a soapy feel when touched. Soapstone is used for countertops, sinks, benches, fireplaces, woodstoves and ovens. Soapstone is terrific at absorbing and evenly distributing heat.



Slate is a prime example of Sedimentary Rock. Slate is formed by superheated and pressurized clay and volcanic ash. Slate is one of the most dense stones found on earth. Slate is available primarily in gray and black. Occasionally slate is available with subtle green, red and purple colors some with slight patterns.


Onyx is a form of marble. Onyx is a translucent stone containing pressurized glass crystals. Because Onyx is translucent this is a perfect stone for back lighting (underneath or behind). The beauty of this stone is accomplished by using backlighting. This stone is perfect for bar tops, countertops, tables and other applications where subtle lighting is important.

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