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Quartz: A Surprising Engineered Stone Countertop

As quartz grows in popularity as a choice for countertops and other house additions, it’s important to understand the difference between natural stones like granite and marble, and a manmade engineered stone like quartz.

Countertops created from natural stones like granite and marble are cut from the pure material. Therefore, a granite countertop is a cut slab of pure granite shaped into a countertop. Engineered stone countertops like quartz, however, are created through quartz crystals held together by a resin. The general composition of a quartz countertop is 93% quartz crystals, and 7% resin.

The difference in the creation of engineered stone like quartz offers several benefits that make it a desirable material for countertops.

quartz stone countertop

Engineered Stone Countertops Have Many Visual Options

A benefit of engineered stone countertops like quartz is the manufacturer’s ability to create consistency and to add colors in the manufacturing process.

Natural stone countertops may have varied colors due to the consequences of being natural, pure cut stone. The quality control for color consistency in natural stones does not exist.

Engineered stone countertops like quartz, have a more consistent color and look throughout the entire slab because they are man-made.

On the same note, manufacturers can add various pigments to engineered quartz stone countertops during the manufacturing process, giving quartz countertops the ability to have colors not found naturally. Even the quartz crystals themselves come in a fantastic array of colors, so if you prefer a look closer to natural stone, engineered quartz countertops have great options for your needs.

Engineered quartz stone countertops look great because they are manufactured to match, and have almost limitless options for style and color.

quartz stone countertop

Engineered Stone Countertops Age Well

Engineered quartz stone countertops are durable, scratch resistant, and stain resistant.

Finished quartz countertops are almost as strong as granite, and won’t crack or chip as easily as granite either. Quartz also resists scratches, so your countertop can remain in prime condition even as time passes.

Acidic drinks and wines won’t deter the condition of your engineered quartz stone countertops either. As a manufactured material, these countertops don’t stain easily and are non-porous, making liquid spills easy to wipe away.

For as durable and easy to maintain as engineered quartz stone countertops are, you can keep your countertop in fantastic condition for years to come.
Engineered Quartz Stone Counter top installed by Choice Granite & Marble.

Always Know Your Options!

Engineered stone countertops are a great alternative to natural stone. Engineered quartz has grown in desirability because of the durability and varied options for color and style. If you want the look of natural stone without the same level of maintenance, engineered quartz is a perfect option.

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